Lehman Property Development

Our Mission

Lehman Development is deeply committed to finding workable solutions to the complex problem of providing quality housing at reasonable rental rates. Lehman Development's unique approach has helped reinvent the false perception of some that rental housing, particularly attainable housing, is not dynamic and eventually leads to the deterioration of the neighborhoods in which it is developed.

At Lehman Development, we are addressing this need by building high quality, attractive developments with a managed living environment that provides individuals, families and seniors with an improved quality of life. Our portfolio size has grown to over a few thousand units since our company's inception. In so doing, we often revitalize decaying, urban neighborhoods and offer our residents a brighter, more promising future, all at prices our residents can afford.

What We Do

Lehman Development is renowned for its ability to navigate the unique requirements of the housing industry to exceed the expectations of public-sector stakeholders at the federal, state and local level, while still delivering the highest level of affordability to its residents. Lehman Development enjoys the confidence of the lending and investment banking industries, with one of the strongest portfolios of properties with respect to occupancy, cash flow and program compliance in the industry. This is attributable to Leman Development's conservative approach to site selection, budgeting and long-range forecasting.

Lehman Development intimately knows the business of rental housing development, as its partners and principals have a combined 100 plus years in identifying opportunities, site selection, community outreach, consensus building, partnering, procuring sources of financing, and executing under the prescribed regulatory regime.

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