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Application Terms

  • Primary Applicant / Co-Applicant: All individuals over age 18 who will reside in the home and are financially responsible for making lease payments, and who will sign the lease agreement and uphold the lease obligations. The Applicant who starts the application process is referred to as the “Primary Applicant”. All others with similar responsibilities are referred to as “Co-Applicants”.
  • Adult Applicant: All individuals over age 18 who will reside in the home who are notfinancially responsible for making lease payments but must uphold all other lease obligations.
  • Non-Resident Guarantor: An individual over age 18 who will be financially responsible for lease payments but does not reside in the leased home. The Non-Resident Guarantor will be required to sign the Lease Agreement and/or a Guarantor addendum. Guarantors may be accepted for applicants who do not meet certain financial qualification requirements.

Qualification Requirements

All applicants will undergo a screening process, which includes a review of the applicant’s credit history, previous rental history and criminal history. To qualify for residency with HavenBrook Homes, each Applicant must meet the requirements detailed below. Please note: nothing contained in this document constitutes any guarantee of approval.


Each Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.


Occupancy standards allowable cannot exceed 2 persons per bedroom, plus one additional person per home, unless otherwise dictated by local, state or federal law.

Number of Bedrooms Occupany Standard
One Bedroom Two Persons
Two Bedrooms Four Persons
Three Bedrooms Six Persons


Applicant(s) must present valid photo identification issued by any state or federal authority of the United States. Documents must be uploaded in PDF or picture file format (such as jpg, jpeg or png). Acceptable ID documents include:

  • State-issued Drivers License
  • State-issued Identification Card
  • U. S. Passport or Passport Card
  • U.S. Permanent Resident Card
  • U.S. Military ID Card (front and back of ID needed)
  • Valid Foreign Passport along with valid work visa issued by the United States with an expiration date longer than the proposed lease termination date


Applicant(s) must earn total monthly gross income equal to three (3) times the total rent of the selected home. Non-Resident Guarantor(s) must earn a total monthly gross income equal to five (5) times the total rent of the selected home.

Applicant(s) must upload one or more of the following forms of documentation to fully substantiate the monthly income stated on the rental application. Accepted forms of documentation in order of preference are detailed below. Documents must be uploaded in PDF or picture file format (such as jpg, jpeg or png). If the documentation uploaded does not demonstrate the monthly income stated on the application, the Applicant(s) will lost their place in line for the property applied for and additional documentation may be requested for review.

Applicant Status Income Document
Employed (currently)
  • Pay stubs for the last 90 days OR
  • Applicants who have been with current employer for fewer than 1 year should provide any paystubs received AND an Employment Verification Letter confirming date or employment and terms of compensation OR
  • 90 days of most recent bank statements showing all employment income deposits if employee is paid by direct deposit OR
  • 90 days of most recent bank statements when payroll is not received as direct deposit into the applicant’s bank account OR
  • Submission of a W2 or 1099 supported by most recent paystubs OR 90 days of most recent bank statements showing employment income deposits
Employed (starting a new job)
  • Signed and dated offer letter on official company letterhead with hourly rate (specifying how many hours will be worked each week) or annual salary. Must include start date along with recent paystubs from current employer. Employment will be verified during the screening process. must present previous work history.
Self-employed If self-employed / business owner, the business must have been in operation for at least 90 days.
  • 90 days of most recent bank statements AND Tax return for previous year
  • Copy of business license that validates ownership
  • Current statement showing pension, IRA or any other supporting retirement income from issuing agency
  • 90 days of most recent bank statements showing the deposits of retirement income
Social Security, Disability, GI Benefits etc.
  • Award letter or statement from issuing agency
Child Support and Alimony
  • Award letter (if available) AND
  • 90 days of most recent bank statements showing the deposits of support
Financial Aid
  • Formal financial aid documentation that specifically reflects Room & Board allowance. Aid must be currently active.

Credit Requirement

To verify credit rating, a credit report using a third party agency will be obtained on all adult applicants financially responsible for lease payments. All open collections, charge-offs, repossessions and delinquencies may be taken into consideration during review of credit report. All applicants must have a FICO score of 650 or higher.* Non-Resident Guarantors are required to have a FICO score of 620 or higher. These credit ratings will be used in the following manner to determine security deposit requirements if the application is approved:

Credit Score Deposit
Less than 500 Ineligible (Declined)
500 – 579 1.5-months security deposit**
580 or higher 1-month security deposit

*If no FICO score or a credit report is available, the application may still be considered but applicant(s) must earn a gross monthly income equal to 5 times the total rent for the home selected and 1.5-month security deposit would be required if approved.

**In accordance with Alabama law, a landlord may collect no more than one month's rent as a security deposit. Therefore, all Alabama applicants with a FICO score of 500 – 579 must earn a gross monthly income equal to 3.5 times the total rent to be eligible for a HavenBrook Homes property in the State of Alabama. If FICO score is 580 or above, gross monthly income may meet the minimum standards of 3 times the total rent to qualify.

Criminal History

All residents over the age of 18 must consent to a criminal history verification using third party agency. In accordance with the Fair Housing Act, we do accept felon applicants.


Open bankruptcies will be cause for automatic denial unless a court letter of dismissal or discharge is provided. Dismissed or discharged bankruptcies that appear on the applicant’s credit report may be considered. Any rental debt that has been waived due to a dismissed or discharged bankruptcy may result in a declined application.

Pet Policy

The standard HavenBrook lease prohibits pets. However, certain pets may be approved for certain properties after review, and with the addition of a Pet Addendum to the lease. For approved pets, HavenBrook charges a non-refundable pet fee of $250 for each approved pet and a monthly rent of $20 (effective April 3, 2017) for each approved pet. When pets are approved, there is a maximum limit of two (2) domestic animals per household. Acceptable pets include dogs, cats, small caged animals. Restricted pets include Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and any mix containing one of these breeds. Livestock, farm animals and poisonous, dangerous or exotic animals are also prohibited. Verified service animals are permitted.

Additional Disclaimers

Fair Housing Policy

The agents of HavenBrook Homes adhere to the Fair Housing Law (Title VIII) of the Civil Rights Action of 1968 as amended by the Housing and Community Development Action of 1974 and the Fair Housing Amendment of 1988 which stipulate that it is illegal to discriminate against any person in housing practices because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, familial status or any other class protected by law.

Privacy Policy

All documents and information you submit as part of the application process is kept private and confidential. We take your privacy very seriously, please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy.

Falsification of Documents

Any falsification in Applicant'ss paperwork will result in the automatic denial of the application. In the event that an Applicant falsified his/her paperwork, the Landlord has the right to hold all application deposits and fees paid to apply toward liquidated damages. Falsification of application is also grounds to terminate the lease regardless of when the falsification is discovered.

Use of Information

The information provided in the application as a result of the authorization given herein by the Applicant will not be sold or distributed to others. However, Landlord and Landlord Agents may use such information to decide whether to lease the home to an Applicant and for all other purposes relative to any future lease agreemeent between the parties including the enforcement thereof.

Application Does Not Create a Lease

Completed application(s), even if accepted, shall under no circumstance be considered a lease agreement between Applicant(s) and Landlord.

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