Joseph Michael Lehman

Founder, Lehman Property

Early Life

Joseph Michael Lehman was born in the Bronx, raised in New York. Growing up in a disadvantaged home, Joseph worked odd jobs in a number of different industries including restaurants and construction sites before entering into the entrepreneurial realm.

During the 1990’s, Joseph realized that there was a need for custom printed products for other businesses. Joseph opened up Lehman Advertising, an advertising specialties business selling products to businesses large and small.

After selling Lehman Advertising, Joseph entered into the liquidation business, forming a new company. In this venture, Joseph would buy liquidated clearance overstock tech items from businesses and sell them at a profit. His second business had the rights to Phillips and Toshiba electronics resale. With his warehouse in Arkansas, he would refurbish these products and sell them across Latin America and other second-tier retailers in the United States.

Entry Into Real Estate

In 2010, Joseph then got his first taste within the real estate business. After the great recession, Joseph took liquid capital from his previous and current ventures and invested in his first low-income home in Liberty City (Florida).

While other real estate investors were focusing on higher income areas, Joseph was more interested in going all-in on this particular low income niche where you could buy cheaper than you can build.

Joseph was a frequent at real estate auctions within his current state. Although he didn’t have the knowledge necessary to make sophisticated estimations on property values, Joseph would observe the investment bankers that would come to these auctions. His theory was that if these individuals were bidding on certain properties, they probably were a good buy.

Leveraging this investment strategy, Joseph was able to acquire 450 properties within 2 years of starting his new real estate venture. Joseph began to make a name for himself within the local areas, networking with other individuals and brokers throughout the state of Florida, eventually getting his general contractors license.

Joseph’s networking efforts eventually opened up doors for major investment opportunities for larger real estate properties such as high end single family homes and condominiums, multi family building complexes, and commercial shopping centers stretching across the state of Florida.

Current Focus

Multifamily Development

Joseph is currently focused on building the Lehman Property portfolio of multifamily residential properties within Florida and other various states. Lehman Development currently manages over 100 multifamily properties, with multiple new buildings in development. Below you can learn more about his multifamily development process and investment opportunities.

Market Research

Prior to the launch of any project, Lehman Development conducts thorough market research to ensure the highest level of consideration for the local community. Our projects enrich the lives of thousands of individuals within the region, providing comfortable and affordable living for the local demographics.

Interior Design

At Lehman Property Development, we work closely with Steven G Interiors, one of the the top interior design companies in the world. Headquartered in Miami, Steven G Interiors provides luxury design work with their team of Licensed Interior Design Professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, Technical Designers, and more.

Invest With Us

Lehman Development has enhanced local communities with iconic developments characterized by innovative design, enduring quality and inclusive living. Through groundbreaking partnerships with world-renowned architects, designers and artists, Lehman Development has redefined urban environments, fostering distinctive, dynamic communities and symbolic landmarks that have become sources of local pride.

Lehman Development continues to exceed the expectations of local communities within Florida. Under the leadership of Joseph Lehman, Lehman Development seeks to incorporate unique experiences that help local neighbourhoods flourish. All of our properties are placed in local communities that benefit most from increased rental opportunities, making vacancy rates low.

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